The name CEREC comes from "ceramic restoration". This is a technology proven by almost 30 years of experience and 250 studies in the areas of dental restoration, oral implant surgery and orthodontics.

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Implantology and Prosthodontics

Clinic in Lisbon
Dental Implants in Lisbon
* Patient Care Service.
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Clinic in Carnaxide (Oeiras)
Dental Implants in Carnaxide
* Patient Care Service.
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Clinic in Porto
Dental Implants in Porto
* Patient Care Service.
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State-of-the-art 3D TAC

Orthophos XG 3D technology

Clínica Médica São João provides you with a diagnosis with high quality images and reduced radiation, offering first-rate treatment and advanced technology through Orthophos XG 3D.

Opening new perspectives for Implantology in the integration with CEREC CAD / CAM, Orthophos XG 3D is the perfect equipment to capture the patient's complete jaw with a reading, which provides more specific information for some types of treatments and methods, whether in 2D or 3D.

Intertwining Orthophos XG 3D and CEREC's CAD / CAM system, you will have the clearest answers in the field of Implantology with maximum safety, high aesthetics, allowing a diagnosis and treatment in less time and with greater comfort and communication with the patient.

Technological guarantee

High image quality and resolution - both in 3D and 2D;

Extremely simple to operate - with automatic sensor, intuitive multipad control and simple-to-use Galaxys software that will allow you to improve and adapt your images even more;

Perfect and automatic positioning of the patient - to avoid distorted readings, lost time and unnecessary exposure;

Highly focused on integrated Implantology - planning with maximum safety and perfection in conjunction with the 3D plan provided by CEREC, Sirona's CAD / CAM system.

Free counseling

Consult your dentist for expert advice. Our team is available to advise you properly on the aesthetic change of your teeth, in a first consultation at no cost to our patients.

Special payment terms

Discover our special payment terms, covering all Dental Implantology services and have every reason to smile again with confidence.

For further clarification, an assistant of ours will be available to inform you about all financing conditions with up to 12 interest-free monthly payments.

Pricing Table*

Surgeries are performed only at our clinic in Lisbon.

Oral Surgery and Implantology
(free counseling consultation)
Final value
(available in 12 monthly payments)
1 implant + ceramic crown €750.00
4 Implants + 12 teeth acrylic prosthesis €2950.00
4 Implants + 12 teeth zirconium prosthesis €4500.00
6 Implants + 12 teeth acrylic prosthesis €4100.00
6 Implants + 12 teeth zirconium prosthesis €5500.00

* Important information:

The previous price list is illustrative and may contain typographical errors.

* You must make an assessment and counseling consultation before making any decisions.

local_hospital Surgeries are performed only at our clinic in Lisbon.